Did I really not update today? Wow. How’d that happen? Oh, no, wait, I did, it’s still the 8th. Heh. Ahem. :)

Went to the gym again tonight. *waves a little flag* Walked 3 miles, and did some floor exercises and hoo boy are my thighs stiff and sore tonight. And did some weights, although I don’t really feel like going through the bother of recording what-all I did, so I’m, er, not going to. Upper-body stuff, anyway. Saw Dad at the gym; he’s been going pretty regularly. Yay Dad!

Let’s see. Went to the post office to mail some stuff off today — GENI! I need you to email me your address! — and, um. I need to box up other stuff so I can send it. We need to buy Ted’s uncle Brian a Christmas gift so we can get that stuff sent off, and, um. Yeah. Um. Need to send stuff for Breic’s birthday! He’ll be one year old next Monday!

Did no writing today. Got up too late to write, and didn’t manage to this afternoon, mostly because we went out to dinner upon discovering the halibut we intended to eat was still frozen solid, so tomorrow must be better. And now… I’m going to bed.

miles to Rivendell: 347
Heather’s miles to Rivendell: 360
*SHOKA’S* miles to Rivendell: 458!!!! YAAAAAAY SHOKA!!!! *congratulatory dances*!!!!

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  1. Hey! Stop independently envisioning the nascent web design ideas I have for my page before I stop being too lazy to do it myself!

    Also, psychically know when you are having similar ideas to me! :)

    Looks nice, btw. :)

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