oops. somehow I didn’t manage to get any work done today, and I don’t think I have enough brain to try now. I got a corner of the living room clean (heh, just a corner) and if I look at the corner I feel all accomplished. Of course, I have to *not* look at the rest of the living room, but at least it’s something.

Tomorrow I will go look at the Women’s Club and see if it looks like a place I want to go work out. If it does, I’ll save up some more of my allowance and join it on the 3 day a week plan. I can manage to get to the gym three bloody days a week, right?

I swam this morning. Not very far: 1000 yards. The pool was very warm and it sucked my will to live. But I did swim, at least.

Mom is thinking about making dresses for little girls for special occasions, because she thinks that the clothes that they have for little girls for special occasions right now are appalling. Gold lame and satin are not, she feels, appropriate for little girls to wear. (If you put a five year old in satin, what are you going to put her in for prom?) And so much of it is sized-down tarty clothing, and it’s just grotesque to put a five year old girl in clothes like that. Icky.

So she wants to know where parents of little girls (2-6 or so, I think) buy fancy dresses (for Christmas or Easter or _insert important holiday here_ ) and how much they pay (or are willing to pay) for them. I know at least three mommies of little girls read my page, so lemme know what you think!

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  1. Um, I don’t think I’m a very good data point. We don’t get Katie Easter dresses, we usually put her in hand-me-downs for Christmas and birthday pictures unless she is give something else as a present. I did buy her cheap dresses for two picture takings, about $15 each time, at Target and a local discount place. The target dress was a knit fabric, the other was a velveteen&taffetta butgundy dress for last Christmas. The skirt snagged horribly, but fortunately mostly in bck, which didn’t show much in pictures. Sorry I can’t be of more help there.

    On the other hand, I have ranted with several other moms about the mini-Britney look for 5-year olds, which we found pretty appalling. So, there is definitely a desire for nice, kid-appropriate clothes. Wish your mom luck for me!

  2. I had to buy a dress for Tori, for a wedding this winter, and had problems. I wanted it to be age-appropriate & practical. I refuse to buy the tarty- type for her, too. There isn’t much in Anchorage!! Everything was either washable-velvet, dark and plain (no waistline or full skirts) or over $60.

    Tori loves dresses, and I usually find some at Sears & Penny’s. The fancy dresses run between $50-$60 at Pennys, $30-$60 at Sears. My price range for fancy dresses for Tori is $30-$40, for a special occasion. Regular dresses, for school, I won’t go over $30. I am cheap, though.

    Penny’s has a very nice selection of Easter dresses right now. . . for the 5-6 year olds, anyway, I don’t see too much gold lame, although they are very big on satin & . . . umm . . . I’m not sure what it’s called. It looks kind of like chiffon, but it’s stiffer. All of the dresses I’ve seen lately are dry clean only. That makes me crazy, how can a dry clean only dress *possibly* be practical for a pre-schooler?!

    Your mom is right. What happened to nice flowery *washable* cotton prints with ruffles? Although . . . I have to admit, I’m not wild about ironing.

    Hope this helps!!

  3. I admit to a certain fondness for velvet and gold myself. My own taste runs to very simple cuts but fancy materials and it tends to affect my purchases for Cat =). Cat’s current favorite dress is a straight up-and-down dress reaching from neck to ankles with long narrow sleeves, all red velvet covered with gold sequins. But I also like the oldfashioned look for special occasions. (That would be with puffed sleeves, wide, knee-length skirt, bows and ribbons. Such as the one from Cat’s naming day.)

    Can’t help you with prices since I’m on the wrong side of the ocean. The few dresses I bought myself (Cat has gotten most of hers as presents and hand me downs) I bought on the last sale of the season when they’re practically giving them away.

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