For many years — since I was about 15 — I have been holding Mythago Wood against Charles deLint. During a perusal of titles at Title Wave this evening, I discovered that this was utterly unfair, given that Robert Holdstock wrote the book.

Perhaps I ought to try reading a deLint title or two . . . :)

GUYS. HEY. DON’T LET ME FORGET. Saturday there’s a critique group at Title Wave that I want to go check out, and on the 2nd Monday of the month they have a sf reading group meeting, and on the 3rd Monday they have a mystery reading group meeting. I want to do these things! Don’t let me forget!


  • Laura

    I always wondered why you hated De Lint so much, given that we tend to have similar tastes in books and I rather enjoy him. Mystery solved. If you want some recommendations of a good one of his books to read, let me know.

  • Aberdeen

    Hey, Kit! Don’t forget…

    I tried to read Mythago Wood a couple times when I was young, and I just never could. I keep feeling guilty, and as though I really _ought_ to go back and read more than the first ten pages. Are you saying I shouldn’t bother?

  • Thenomain

    Charles deLint has so many other reasons to dislike him than to burdeon him with books he didn’t write. Shame on you, Kit. :)

    (This is the point where I run away.)

  • Janne

    I liked Mythago Wood *a lot*, but the later Holdstock books have been a great disappointment. Just the same story over again with tiny changes.

    MW does require a certain willing suspension of disbelief, but if you do allow yourself to be sucked into the story it’s shivers down the back time. Which I suppose says something about my taste in books =)

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