Apparently yesterday when I linked to the ROUS, I accidentally linked to the main PotD rather than the image itself. For people like Janne who got very confused, look again. :)

I have gracefully and happily handed off the HTML Lead position to Barbara, who’s in the office, which will make everybody (except possibly Barb, although she seems keen on it) happier, although it gave at least one of my other remote coworkers a moment’s panic, because he had the idea maybe this meaned they were phasing us remote people out, so I had to reassure him. He told me that *normally* people voluntarily *promote* themselves, not *demote* themselves.

I figure it’s not a change in my paycheck and it’ll be easier all around if the lead is in the office. So I’m pleased about this.

Hm. I failed my ‘watch Beauty and the Beast’ roll last night, ’cause by the time I got downstairs, Shaun was already watching Enterprise, so I watched that instead and then decided not to watch BatB because I didn’t want to stay up all night watching special features, aaaaannnnnnd. There was something else I was actually going to say this morning, but I can’t think of what it was, so I’m done now!

2 thoughts on “oops

  1. And I thought the “ROUS!” meant that you had mice (or shrews) in your new house . . . I didn’t even notice that it was a link!

  2. No, no, if I had mice in my house (although that’s really a rather good interpretation of ROUS, given HAUS!), Lucy would have eaten them all by now. :)

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