or not… :)

When I said I was going to go write, I decided to first go lie down for a 10 minute nap. The 10 minute nap lasted an hour. When I staggered upright again, Ted announced that wisdom was the better part of valor and that I should read a book and go to bed instead of writing and going to the dead dog party. I think Ted is a very wise and clever man, and will be going to bed as soon as it no longer seems embarrassingly early to do so. Let me tell you, falling back two weeks in a row is rather confusing.

Some highlights from the weekend that I’ve forgotten to mention:

* apparently last night we left too early. and led the entire bar in a resounding “Happy Birthday” sing-along in honor of our mutual agent, , who (in a fit of something far from her usual shy and retiring ways) got up on the chair and blew kisses and took bows and allowed everyone to admire the Best Agent Evar as they all ought to do. :) I wish we hadn’t missed that, but man, I think I was asleep by the time it happened. :)

* the dress was an enormous success. I wore it at the booksigning Friday night and many, many people complimented me on it, and when I told them my mom’d made it, admired her skill. :) So that was good. :)

* Although we’ve been at several cons together now, WFC GoH Kim Newman and I had never actually met, so today when I saw him sitting alone I went over and rectified that, and when I said I was Catie Murphy he said, quite cheerfully, “I know who you are!” which somehow surprised me. :) I mean, of course I knew who he was, but the idea that I’d somehow managed to come onto his radar just seemed unlikely somehow. But, in fact, he not only knew who I was, but immediately said, “So since you’re following in my footsteps, I expect you’ll be the guest of honor at World Fantasy next year,” which made me laugh and suggest he might have to talk to somebody to make that happen. :) (He was 2007’s GoH at P-Con in Dublin, you see, and I’m 2008’s GoH. :)) So we had quite a nice chat, really, and…gosh. Wow. :)

* We met , who has just sold his first book (first five books, in fact!) and who was the most ebullient human in the history of ebullience. Watching him float around the con was just utterly splendid. :)

* I re-met several people from the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, including the always-wonderful Carol Berg, whom my husband did the Silent Squee over. We also met David Drake, who said, “Hi, I’m David,” and shook Ted’s hand and a few seconds later Ted saw his nametag and saw it was DAVID *DRAKE*, FOR GOD’S SAKE, and turned to me with the Silent Squee look again. I love it. I introduced him (Ted) to Paula Duran of Juno Books as well, and because Ted is every bit as happy as I am that Juno bought and published the third book in Gail Dayton’s (fantastic, IMHO) COMPASS ROSE trilogy after it was dropped by Luna, he had the chance to tell her how completely thrilled he was that they’d made the choice to do that. Made both Paula and Ted very happy. :)

* Speaking of Ted, damned near everybody who met him came up to me at some point and told me how wonderful he was and how well I’d chosen and how glad they were he’d come with me. *beams*

* and I had a great talk before and at dinner Saturday night. That was a lot of fun. :)

* we had lunch (and dinner, in fact!) with Tamara Siler Jones and her friend Michele (and, at dinner, also Susan and possibly Jeff and I’ve forgotten the other woman’s name, bad me), which was utterly lovely. Tammy’s just a sweetie and it was great to see her again. *beams*

* we ran into , who spent all of *last* WFC trying to hunt me down only to find me at the last minute, very early on, and several more times throughout the weekend, so we got to talk quite a bit, which was very cool.

* We re-connected with Larry Smith, a bookseller we met at I-Con in 2006. He sold out of the CE Murphy books he had on the first day. For the rest of the weekend, Maria at Flights of Fantasy (the bookseller who provided books for the Zombies party) had me signing books and was apparently selling them like hotcakes (I must’ve signed forty or more books for her, and she kept going back to the store to get more!)

* Ekaterina Sedia‘s accent was definitely a highlight worth mentioning. :) We didn’t actually meet her, but we went to one of her panels and were just sitting there listening to her (not really heavy at all, but just heavy *enough*) Russian accent on words like “complicated”. It’s like listening to say “stuff”. I just can’t get enough of it. :)

* still owes us a dinner, because it turns out the place we went was, she thinks, the worst restaurant she ate at all weekend! We had a great time tearing it apart, though! :)

Okay. It’s late enough to go to bed now, and so I shall. :)

6 thoughts on “or not… :)

  1. I think the “gosh. Wow.” moments never get any less goshier or wowier, at least in my experience. Cool!

  2. “(He was 2007’s GoH at P-Con in Dublin, you see, and I’m 2008’s GoH. :))”

    Now considering taking bids for GoH for P-Con 2009. :-)

    BTW – was once asked to explain what a GoH was? Someone suggested Goblet of ‘Horing, which was interesting.

    Sounds like you’ve been having a great time. See you soon.

  3. The Best Agent Evah had previously announced that she “wasn’t drunk enough” for us to sing happy birthday to her. About an hour later, Jay determined that she was now drunk enough. Since she did indeed take bows, he was right.

    (we had previously sung her a birthday dirge, as she deemed appropriate)

    Sorry I wasn’t able to hang around to introduce you to the hotel liason re: the kitchen tour. i’ll try to do better next time!

  4. It was awesome to see you again, and thanks for bringing Ted along so we could see that he was indeed real. I’m glad everyone else seemed to like him as much as I did.

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