Well, I enjoyed the Oscars last night, mostly. I thought Halle Berry was very cute and Denzel was very stoic and I want to look as good now as Sidney Poitier does at 75. And Reese Witherspoon made Kitface (causing Trip to say, “Does that mean she should really be Reese WitherspO.On?”) when she and her husband Ryan um Phillipe? came out to give the award for best makeup. They read all their lines off the teleprompter like good little actorbots, and they got done reading the nominees and Ryan said, “And the Oscar goes to..” and started opening the envelope and Reese, veryveryhopefully, said, “Can I read it please? Can I?” And Ryan said, “You make more than I do, sure, you can read it, here.” And she went O.O! And Julia Roberts, who is the ultimate fangirl, got up to give the best actor award and whispered, “I kissed Sidney Poitier tonight!” and practically went ‘hee hee hee!’ with fangirl glee.

I must drink more water than I have been. People should remind me.

Kate Winslet looked very fine in a Red Dress, and Jennifer Connelly has gotten so thin she no longer has any breasts worth speaking of, which is very sad, because she used to have magnificent all-natural big boobs, and I think it’s amazingly suckful that Hollywood encourages women to be so goddamned thin. She’s still beautiful; I’m not sure anything short of a horrible disfiguring accident could make her anything /but/ beautiful, but I sure wish she’d put ten pounds back on. (To quote In&Out, which I watched the other day, “You look like a swizzle stick.”) I think everybody in Hollywood should put ten pounds on. :P

I have to go finish making bread now.

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  1. Speaking as a walking swizzle-stick, I wish I had breasts akin to Jennifer Connelly’s, back in the heyday.

    Not as a part of MY anatomy, no. Just … you know.

    Drink more water.

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