Stupid back hurts. :(

miles to Rivendell: 329

2 thoughts on “ow.

  1. dear catie,

    have you ever thought of going to see a rolfer? paul vanAlstein (name is something like that) is an excellent one there in anchorage.
    it strikes because i was just reading a forum which has a 4 page discussion of rolfing:
    (there are some people’s opinions, i’m sure you can research it a lot more if you choose. basically, structural realignment through deep muscle massage, if you’re unfamiliar. the benefits seem to last a LOT longer (like, in many cases, forever) than chiropractic adjustments. i know that paul is very sensitive to his clients and a great person, he did some workshops in rolfing for the dance ensemble oh many years now back, and heightened my proprioceptive awareness tremendously.
    anyway, just a thought, and i was JUST reading up on it, so i thought, perhaps divine providence? i think you shoudl check it out! :)

    love you,

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