I can’t tell if I’ve got con crud or if I’m just so tired I hurt all over. :)

Yesterday was fun, if lower-key than the rest of the weekend had been. Everybody was staggering around in a zombie-like fashion, most of us having been up far too late Saturday (and some of us far too late for many more days than that). I had lunch with Tambo and some of the Luna writers, and in the afternoon met up with one of my NNWM mentees, which was a lot of fun. :) I’d developed a truly amazing headache by then, and begged off dinner with , only to be shanghaied by and , who gave me drugs and took me to dinner, where we ate a lot of protien and then helped herself to 15% of my dessert. *laughs helplessly* there was a lot of that going on this weekend. Apparently Thursday or Friday she took ‘s velvet scarf as 15% of her wardrobe. :)

There was a rather fantastic moment Saturday evening at the banquet (which was a lot of fun, and the keynote speaker did a brilliant job, tying in the history of Texas with the guests of honor, and when he couldn’t make a reasonable connection, he “slingshotted around the center of the universe, Kevin Bacon,” and did six degrees to pull everybody in. It was *fantastic*, and *incredibly* funny! :)) when I met Eric Flint and Walt Boyes, and Walt, upon learning my name, seized Eric and said, “THIS is the one I’ve been trying to get you to get to write for us for six months!” I’m not actually sure what he wants me to write for, but that was rather wonderful. :) So I’ve got their business cards and shall write to them and we’ll see what comes of it. :)

I met ‘s list who were there, and and others already mentioned (yes, that means you, Bear), and and I are talking about perhaps creating that unholy love child of a book in a couple years. Bantam editor Anne Groelle and I bonded a bit over drinks at the Dead Dog Party last night, as we were both horrified and appalled and amused by an extremely testosterone-laden guy watching football on the bar’s big screen, so that was fun. I got to spend a bunch of time with Tammy, including staying up far too late Saturday night, and that was absolutely awesome. I also met lots of cool people whose names I only half remember right now, and just hung out and had a lot of fun. It was really a very excellent experience all around. I’m exhausted and my eyeballs hurt, and I have forty million things to do when I get home, but it was awesome.

Also, it may have been determined that my real superpower is the ability to cause people to act silly. :)

I noticed my flist has grown while I’ve been gone. There are a lot of people on it that I don’t know now! Introduce yourselves! Tell me how you got here! I like to talk to people! :)


  1. velvetpage

    I kind of introduced myself before, with the questions, but I’m new, so I’m answering. :) Teacher, writer, parent, wife, roleplayer, reader. . . yeah, that’s the basic run-down. I may soon be published – my editor is going to work out a contract with Sofawolf in a couple of weeks, hopefully.

  2. oneminutemonkey

    I think playing hide-and-seek with you was one of the more amusing things for me, this con. Especially since you first stumbled across my path an hour after I’d originally meant to go to bed yet hadn’t, and then you lay in wait for me almost literally last-minute. :> Next time we’ll get to chat more, since neithet time was optimal. Glad you had a fun con!


  3. muneraven

    Hi, I’m Karen. I’ve read your books and liked them, but I think I ended up finding your blog because I read Elizabeth Bear’s blog and I either followed a link from there or saw a comment by you that I liked there. In any case I started reading your blog before I realized that Mizkit was ALSO an author I admired, lol. I thought you were just an entertaining blogger. :-)

    Me: I used to write poetry and literary short stories, I even had some small successes in that area, but I gave it all up to write a big, fat, messy fantasy novel. I’m working on the messy part (between reading blogs). I’m 46. I live in St. Paul, Minnesota because my high-tech genius partner has a job here, and my step-daughter bags groceries for Garrison Keillor here, and my step-son is beloved by the librarians here . . .so I can’t leave. Besides, my next book is set in Saint Paul, so if I left it would just cost more to do research. :-P

    Get over the Con Crud. Looking forward muchly to your next book!

  4. finniscs

    Hi, Im kath.

    I traveled to your blog via a comment you left in Ursalas LJ. I still have 2 kids at home. I make baskets and work fulltime and read and rp and write and submit and submit and submit but mostly just have a good time with the words and the characters.

  5. nineme

    You know me through at least seven different people, but I’m not sure we’ve ever met in person, unless you were at one of the South Bay parties that I managed to drag my butt to when I lived in CA.

    If you played AmberMUSH at one point in the moldy past (I quit in, uh, ’98 or ’99 or something like that), our paths might have crossed there, too.

  6. goddesscarlie

    it is awesome to meet people you know from the Internet in real life. I have met five or six people from my lj friend’s list. Of course, none of them are famous editors or authors. :)

  7. anonymous

    It’s me, the wonky blonde gal in the sparkly blue blouse from Saturday night’s yak and giggle till 3 am while everyone else raptly stares at us and goes, “Ooooh! They talk big!”

    Hi! :)

    It’s Tuesday evening and I’m STILL con lagged. lol

    Hope you get home safely! {{hugg}}

  8. nineme

    We might have been in the same room at one point, but I can’t swear to it. I played Lerias (of Hendrake, Queen of De’alund, et cetera), Allegra, A.J., and er, a dozen or so other less long term raging nutcases.

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