I did something painful to my jaw yesterday evening. I think it’s less painful now, at least slightly, but yawning hurts, and I keep yawning.

Actually, for somebody who was up til 1am I’m not all that yawny. She said, and yawned. *yawn* OW. Goddamn it. What kind of doctor does one go to for a jaw problem? It’s in the hinge that it hurts. This is going to make swimming a bother.

My friend Melissa called me last night! We’re going to have a late lunch next Sunday. The 27th, not the 20th. The 20th is Ted’s birthday, and we have plans. Yay!

I have huge whacking amounts of work to do, so I’m going to go get some food and get to work.

2 thoughts on “ow

  1. Sounds like a bit of TMJ. You can talk to your dentist about it if it keeps it up, and s/he can recommend a specialist if it really bothers you. However, that said, it could that you were sleeping funny and you were grinding or clenching your teeth which also makes you go “ow.” ;)

  2. You say that as if I have a dentist. :)

    It didn’t actually start from sleeping funny. I was trying to get a popcorn kernel out of my teeth and opened my jaw too far, or something. And it’s not teeth-clenching pain: that’s different. Been there, done that, broke the habit. :) Anyway, it seems to be improving slowly on its own. Yay. :)

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