My knees hurt this morning. *sigh*

My first guitar class was last night. Um. It was all right, I guess. I think I was the only one in there who wasn’t an elementary school teacher. The woman who was sitting next to me talked like a first grade teacher. *shudder* Everything was *won*derful and how *nice* and spoken in a high soft voice like you would speak to a puppy. *shudder*

Speaking of puppies, Ted seems to have decided the puppy’s name is Abby (after Abigail Adams, second First Lady of the US). Since I suggested the name, I can’t really complain, although I don’t think I’m actually particularly fond of it. I may make a final bid for Chantico/Shanty, or I might just curl up in a ball and wish my knee didn’t hurt and feel pathetic.

5 thoughts on “Ow.

  1. *snort* You sound like my mother. I once suggested a perfectly good name to her for her cat. Callie. She liked it. However, when I came back some months later, the cat’s name became Pudd. Pudd is the sound the cat makes when falling off the bed.

  2. Chantico/Shanty is fine with me. :) I will just need to know how to pronounce Chantico. :)

  3. Chant-ih-coh. Like chanting. Although when I say it I keep slurring the ‘ch’ and making it a sort of ‘sh’ sound. :)

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