ow ow ow

I have a stupid canker sore on my cheek. It’s not a place I usually get them, so I thought I’d bitten my cheek (actually, I know I did; that’s probably what prompted the canker sore) but it kept hurting too much and finally I turned my face half inside out to try to see, and in fact it was a stupid canker sore. I’ve been putting Ambesol or whatever it’s called on it since then, but it’s very awkward, and the location of the sore means that the ambesol sort of drifts down the inside of my cheek and numbs half my tongue all the way back into my throat, which is *really* unpleasant.

I hate canker sores. :P

Apparently my company’s stock was down 16% at midday on Thursday, and yet it’s only a quarter to nine. o.O

My back’s a bit achy this morning. Possibly too much exertion last night, what with gymming and then swimming, or equally possibly too much sleeping on my back last night; lying on my back’s been making my back ache lately. Herr Doktor says it’s because the mattress doesn’t conform well enough to the shape of the back (presumably he sleeps on one of those adjusts-to-body-weight $1500 foam mattress sorts of things which the tv says is Real Good For You) and that the auld spine is protesting having to flatten out so much, and that since it’s still in the process of healing, it protests /extra/. Anyway, I woke up on my back this morning and it hurts. O.O

Last night, after we went and jumped in a lake, Emily determined that the Thing To Do was make caramel apples. We got out my cookbook and found a caramel recipe, which looked very much like caramel before she added the water that it said to add, and then it turned into caramel syrup, which was, don’t mistake me, really quite good, but has nothing to do with the consistency of caramel as we know it. It tasted yummy poured over apple slices, though!

Laura, didn’t you say you had a kick-ass caramel apple recipe? Can you send it to me? We thought we’d have to try again, see. :)

Ooh, you know what, though? I bet that syrup would make *awesome* caramel popcorn.

Okay, dying of hunger. Breakfast now.

2 thoughts on “ow ow ow

  1. Oh my, homemade caramel popcorn. I used to make Chrysoula make that for me all the time in college. She didn’t make the caramel though, we faked it by melting caramel candies.

    I’ll be visiting her for Thanksgiving…

  2. speaking of recipes….catie do you have a decent irish soda bread recipe? the one i have is most unimpressive and i cant tell if it’s me or the recipe…

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