ow ow son of a *bitch* ow

Ow, god *damn* it. This canker sore on my tongue is in such a place that when I eat I find myself trying to cringe away from my own head, which, y’know, doesn’t work. It is in such a place that not just my tongue hurts, but also my throat and my inner ear hurt when I eat. God, this reallly *sucks*.

On the positive side, I feel thin this morning. o.O

2 thoughts on “ow ow son of a *bitch* ow

  1. Clove oil. I know, it sounds weird. But it completely numbs the affected area, and is much cheaper than the medications available for that.

    Also, my mom swears by Lysine. She’s a french horn player, and can’t afford to have canker sores, and that’s what she uses. It’s an enzyme (I think) which you can buy in most drugstores which, if you take it when the canker sore develops, takes care of it and any that might want to develop later.

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