ow, sore

And having done yoga yesterday, I’m sore. Ted, the bastard, isn’t. :) Actually, I’m not crippled or anything, just a bit sore. It was a nice workout.

So, the new design: no, the sidebar graphics aren’t links, they’re just decoration. Oddly, I hadn’t even thought about that being confusing, which is unusual for me. I just wanted something over there. :) I will blame all those other web designers (as Trip said) for making it an assumption that they must be links. :) I made the yin-yang, so I’m sort of absurdly proud of it. (It’s not I couldn’t have found a billion clipart yin-yangs to steal off the net, but, well, I didn’t, and so I like it.)

The corset is to remind myself about the corset I want to buy when I weigh 150 pounds. And that other symbol — the one that isn’t a Sassy Lady (which you should recognize by now anyway) is a Gemini symbol that I made ’cause I couldn’t find one I liked. The faces in it are from my Virgo drawing, actually, just … photoshopped and clipped and given a little Gemini twins sign between them. I like *it*, too, so there!

I actually intended to put a couple more symbols on the graphics bar there, but by the time I’d finished what I had, I couldn’t remember what my other ideas were, so I didn’t. :)

The colors, I dunno. I hadn’t done a greeny-teal page before, and orange sets it off well. Trip thinks it’s easier to read, so that’s a good thing. The mizkit.com font is, um. Inkburrow, which I probably got off a free fonts site somewhere.

Hopefully Janne will no longer feel the urge to bite people when she leaves comments on my page. :)

2 thoughts on “ow, sore

  1. I like it lots. I guess I haven’t been quite indoctrinated by the Web Sites of Doom to think that the pictures were anything more than just decoration. I really like the pictures. The Gemini one is really nice.

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