Despite protests from cabbies all over the country, the board in charge of this sort of thing has approved a change in fare laws which means that all cab fares must now be taken by the metre instead of agreed on in advance. Getting from any one point in Cobh to any other point in Cobh used to cost five euro. Five euro isn’t so much to drop to get from here to there. It now costs seven euro fifty for Ted to go to or from work. Seven fifty is a lot more than five. *sigh* He says he’s going to start walking to work again, despite the weather (he’d stopped when he was working 2349087 hours a week). *I’m* frustrated ’cause I’d just convinced myself that it’d probably be okay to spend five euro a day to be brought over to the gym, and that it might be a clever idea to find a workout partner so somebody’d expect me to be there so I’d *go*. But again, seven fifty is a lot more than five. The particular bitch about that is there is frankly no way I’m going to walk two miles to the gym, work out or swim (especially swim) and then walk home again. Dammit all. :p

miles to Isengard: 286


  1. mizkit

    Honestly, the idea of cycling on Irish roads fills me with terror. They’re so narrow and bendy and utterly lacking in shoulders, and people drive so fast… I think there’s a somewhat circuitous route I could take which would keep me on sidewalks (upon which one is not supposed to cycle), but the other problem is that my bicycle is a recumbent, which is *fantastic* for my lower back problems, but not so great for hills, which Cobh is made of. :/

  2. kirbyk

    Well, if you walk the two miles to the gym, you don’t _need_ to work out or swim before walking home! Problem solved! :-)

    I was also thinking of a bicycle or scooter or something, but when I read your description of the old Irish roads, I immediately thought, “Well, she should get a horse!” Which is a great image, but perhaps impractical.

  3. anonymous

    Cab business is the most regulated business in the world. We don’t get set our prices ( their control by the city). There are ways around $7.50 price, it depends on how tuff the cab inspectors are, how willing is cabby willing bend the rules & falsily his trip sheet. How often is the meter read and compared to the trip sheet? Plus the city/state is probaly doing ’cause of gas prices. In S.A. we have a silding scale depending gas price during the last quarter. Your minion

  4. janne

    I finally gave in and got a car in part because cab prices in Oslo spiralled out of control. (Ironically after they removed the cab monopoly because they claimed competition would bring prices down. Ahaha.) Irish roads do sound scary, but maybe a sturdy car and some professional driving lessons might be worth it in the long run…

  5. skeagsidhe

    You could always take a cab one way (either there or back, depending on how you’re feeling and whether you want a walking warmup or cool down) and do a slightly abbrebiated workout before/after walking. That way you’ll still get there and it’ll still be cheaper than the 10 euro round trip fare you would have paid…

  6. skeagsidhe

    Ah. I thought you had been taking the cab both ways.

    Maybe try to find a workout buddy with a car that could pick you up/drop you off or meet you halfway or some such?

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