It may be just as well my Dublin/Gaiman plans were thwarted, as I’m beginning to think what I assumed were the last vestiges (a cough, a still-runny nose, and a regular headache currently centered in my right eye) of the South Carolina cold are instead a whole new cold of their own. I cannot tell you how delighted I am by this. *sigh* Anyway, perhaps rushing in and out of Dublin on public transportation wouldn’t have been such a great idea after all.

It is with this set of symptoms I am about to dive into November, Nanowrimo, and revisions. I have never successfully done revisions and written a new book at the same time, so it’s pretty likely I’m not going to get much of any NNWMing done the first week of the month, which already bodes ill for reaching 50K, much less the 75K I’m actually aiming for. Oh well: fortunately, the book (for which I signed the contract today, yay!) is not due until 28 February. And it’s short. Still, I’d like to write it this year, which would put me back in the “only two books due in 2009” swing I want to be in.

I think I will go take some aspirin now.

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