THE PHOENIX LAW is now available at‘s webstore. (Has been for a couple weeks, in fact, but I forgot.) It’ll be in stores December 2006, and no other time, so please do go forth and buy it!

This is the last Cate Dermody book for the foreseeable future. I’ve got a couple ideas to write for Harlequin’s new Nocturne line, but whether I actually get to that or not remains to be seen. I hope that in a couple years I’ll be in a position to re-package the rest of the Strongbox Chronicles and sell them as spy-thrillers (let’s all practice saying, Catie aims for mainstream!), but it’s not on my list of things to do right now. It wouldn’t hurt, though, to have a great sell-through on PHOENIX if I’m going to do that. She said encouragingly. :)


  1. bellinghman

    Dear Ms Murphy

    Please pardon me for asking this question but, as you will see, it is quite urgent.

    You see, we’re currently reorganisng our bookshelves, replacing IKEA Ivar ones with the ShelfStore ones that and have.

    In the process, we’re sorting and cataloguing the books. We’ve got as far as B, and are now waiting on delivery of more shelves. So … the question:

    Do you want to be shelved under one name, or multiples?

    Thank you for your prompt reply


    A reader

  2. mizkit

    Dear Reader:

    It’s entirely up to you. My inclination would be to shelve me separately because I’m writing under more than one name; I don’t shelve Megan Lindholm and Robin Hobb in the same place, even if they’re the same person. However, if you enjoy the continuity of having all books by the same person in one place, I’m comfortable with having Murphy and Dermody cheek and jowl, what with them sharing the same body and all.


    C.E. Murphy, aka
    Cate Dermody

  3. anonymous

    Sooo, what criteria does Harlequin use for deciding whether or not to release books as ebooks? And does it make any difference to you if someone buys one as an ebook rather than a paperback?

  4. bellinghman

    Dear Ms Murphy

    Thank you for your response.

    On due consideration, we have come to the conclusion that ordering by name of author is inequitable, and possibly ultimately unachievable due to the differing ordering conventions in different languages. Instead, we have decided that a far more aesthetic solution is to file firstly by size in order to achieve maximum density, and then by Pantone reference number of the spine colour within that.

    We appreciate that this may, on occasion, cause a series of books to be dispersed, but would urge you to petition your publishers not just for consistency in cover art, but also in spine colour.

    Again, thank you for your assistance.


    A reader

  5. mizkit

    I know the Walker Papers are being released as ebooks. I don’t know about the Strongbox Chronicles. However, it makes no difference to my pocketbook, so if your ereader is working that well, go for the ebooks. :)

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