Phoenix in the sky.

Ted and Shaun packed up and moved 31 boxes of books (and 1 box of figurines) last night. These aren’t small boxes, either. _Gawd_ we have a lot of books. Meanwhile, I sat huddled in the computer room, being utterly useless, because I can’t bend or pick up anything. Well, not utterly useless; I got 500 words written on my O’Leary’s story and Starling and hegemony and I had a good time talking about my two burly, oiled slaveboys hauling boxes of my loot on their well-oiled, rippled backs.

Of course, after a few minutes that devolved into something about chocolate fudge ripple and almond butter, but maybe we better not go there.

*Wow* is it just *pouring* rain out there. Ted doesn’t think we’ll be able to build a fence at all — he thinks the ground’ll be too wet. So I’m thinking maybe we should get a chain-link dog run for the winter, and next spring build a fence.

I’m doing weird things with my mouth when I’m sleeping. I had my tongue pushed really hard against my teeth at one point when I woke up last night. I think it’s because of my back, which is causing other weird mouth problems. My left jaw-hinge becomes more and more painful throughout the day if I’m sitting at my computer desk. I think there’s some kind of feedback pressure system that’s making it hurt. It’s very frustrating, not to mention painful.

Despite the fact that it’s only 8:30, I’m starving. Time for breakfast!

4 thoughts on “phoenixfire

  1. If it is indeed pouring rain and it’s likely to keep doing so, then yeah, you’re probably not going to be able to put a fence up. Something’s got to be solid enough for the fence posts to hold onto. Besides, Chanti won’t care, as long as she gets to be outside, right?

    Bad jaw! No biscuit! But goooooo writerCatie!

  2. *laughs* Don’t you just love Alaska in the autumn?

    I told Ben last night that you had turned the heat on in the new haus. He said, “HEAT?!?! Isn’t it a bit early for that?” You can tell he’s from the northeast…

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