phone bastards

So the phone company says it’s going to take four to six _weeks_ to get our phone transferred over. I called ACS, the big phone company up here. They said if I called GCI and cancelled my account and the switch with them, and called ACS back, that they could have my phone switched on ‘probably the same day’.

See, ACS owns all the hard-wired lines. GCI is renting some of them. Because of deregulation, or something, GCI doesn’t have to pay ACS for maintenance of the lines or for laying new lines, so they’re using this equipment without having to pay for anything but the immediate rental. ACS is pretty pissed about this. So because GCI is renting the lines, they’re not actually controlling the switches from one house to another. They have to go through ACS to do this. And ACS can manage to do the switch if it’s *theirs* within a day … but they’re deliberately screwing around in order to punish GCI and GCI’s customers by taking weeks and weeks and weeks to flip the switches.

The rat, rat, *rat* bastards.

I need to call GCI — well, I’ll wait til after lunch, to see if they respond to my email — to verify everything I just said up there, although it’s what Ted told me yesterday so I assume it’s correct. Then I’m going to call a lawyer, or something, because goddamn it, I need my phone line, and this is bullshit.

3 thoughts on “phone bastards

  1. They ARE bastards. You could always switch to ACS, get them to do your line, immediately switch back to GCI, and write ACS a nastynote after the fact. It’s not perfect, but at least you’d have your phone.

  2. I’ve thought about that. The idea pisses me off. :P I don’t know. I might have to. :/

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