Pi-Con meal schedule

Quick schedule verification:

Thursday, 3:30pm-ish: collects me from the airport and keeps me for approximately 24 hours.

Friday, 7:15pm-ish: and I have dinner. Possibly will join us.

Saturday, 11:15am-ish: lunch with and

Saturday, 5pm-ish: dinner with and

Apparently if anybody attending or running the con wants to have a meal with me it’ll have to be Sunday. :)

I suspect I’ll be most available through email (cemurphyauthor@gmail.com), but generically, anybody I’m having a meal with should perhaps just meet me in the hotel lobby at the assigned time. If anybody can’t make it, email me or leave me a comment here and I’ll, er, sob into my tea. *sniffles* But I’ll be strong. And brave. Honest. *weepy eyes*

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