Some pictures of the wedding and Tor books, hidden behind a cut tag ’cause there are several. Except for the gratuitous puppy shot:

Bridesmaids (and bride!) ‘on the rocks’, as Laura said:

One of the camp kitties, also known as the Ben Calming Device:

Ted, Mr. Photographer Man:

Mary Anne and Jen:

The gride and broom:

And the Flatiron Building and Tor’s slushpile:

6 thoughts on “pics!

  1. Mantles. Ah, yes. Everyone should wear mantles with their tunics, because they’re cool. And garters. It’s so much nicer when the gride and broom where *period* period clothes.

  2. Sweet, sweet pictures…bring back sweet, sweet memories on a terribly cold October 1! Tor looks very impressive.

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