piss-poor mood

Despite being in a piss-poor mood at 6pm when I finally fricking left work after having to wait around for over an hour so QA could verify that a bug I said wasn’t my problem was not in fact my problem, this turned out to be a pretty good evening. We went to Bear Tooth for dinner, because saving my allowance wasn’t as important as getting the fuck out of the house, and we happened to run into Tony and Geoff Wright and Craig Fell there, so we sat down and had dinner with them and that *really* cheered me up. Craig’s just moved back to Alaska and Tony and Geoff’s business is doing well and it was just really nice to socialize with somebody. And Jenny who works at Bear’s Tooth got promoted to Assistant Manager and so she was *very* cheerful and giving us a really hard time (we’re regulars) and it was just really nice.

Tony tried to feed me the last few bites of his key lime pie, and I said no, I didn’t like to eat key lime pie because it made my ears hurt, and then I sort of winced because nobody understands when I say that, but he put his fingers behind his ears over the eustachian tubes and he *understood*! So that made me very happy. *giggle*

They kept quoting commercials. Silly boys.

So I was a lot happier and then we came home and found out that we didn’t manage to tape Buffy either this week or last week because the tv had been changed from channel three to something else, and I said the universal remote had been a good idea in theory (we have five remotes. I hate having five remotes, so I bought a universal remote, but you have to pay attention to what you’re doing with it, and we don’t always) and Ted who doesn’t like the universal remote made a very snide mouth but restrained himself from actually saying anything, and since there was no Buffy to watch I wrote about 1200 words or so and finished another MD chapter.

So it turned out to be a pretty decent evening.

6 thoughts on “piss-poor mood

  1. I’ll toss that Buffy ep in with the Smallvilles I have for you, and the end of last season of Angel…

  2. I like the universal remote it is just we all have to be careful to make sure that we are doing what we want and not messing up taping of stuff.

  3. Well, you were all grumpy when I brought it home, even though we’d talked about getting one.

    The failing to tape stuff is really frustrating, though. So if you want to ditch the universal remote I suppose we might as well. We keep having to use different remotes to make things work anyway. :P

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