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Ted and I went to the open dress rehearsal of Dad’s production of I Remember Mama last night. It was really quite wonderful! I’ll be going to see it again, probably near the end of the run. Very enjoyable indeed! Mama was wonderful, Katrin was overdramatic and funny, Uncle Chris absolutely stole the show — readers in Anchorage ought to go see it. It’s playing for the next 3 weekends at 7:30pm (I believe) at the APU theatre. :)

Deirdre’s broken 10K words on Nanowrimo! I’m at just below 9K, as is Sarah (or she was last night). Mony was heading in towards 15K last I knew. It’s all very cool! *beam*

4 thoughts on “plays and wordcounts

  1. Hey! Is there a performance Thursday the 21st? I could be insane and go see it before getting on plane at 1:00 in the morning!

  2. There are Thursday shows. It runs Thurs,

    Fri., Sat, at 7:30 and 3 p.m. on Sundays.

    What’ll you be in town for, ‘Deen? No one e

    ever tells me nuthin’.

  3. Whoopeee! Someone reserve tickets for me for the 21st, then. I’m passing through on my way to Portland for the weekend. I haven’t talked to Hageland, yet, so I don’t know what time I get into Anchorage, but probably 5ish. Then I get on a plane again at 1:00. I knew there was a reason I picked such a late flight down. (:

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