poor ted

Poor Ted. He was at work until midnight last night and got up at 7 to go back again today. :( His backups at work exploded and he’s been trying for three days to get things working again. Poor Ted. :(

Me, I got 2300 words written this morning, am making bread, have vacuumed the downstairs (not that you can TELL, because the DOG HAIR won’t PICK UP) and in a moment I’m going to go clean the kitty litter, because I know how to have *almost* as much fun as Ted does.

I think later I’ll go on a walk. If I were really swell, I’d write some more, but I donno if I’m that swell.

1 thought on “poor ted

  1. There are, nowadays, special pet hair brushes for vacuum cleaners. One can buy them from small vacuum cleaner repair shops. I intended to do this, but have found that having a 1700 watt vacuum cleaner with an ordinary brush is more than enough to scare cat hair into submission. 1600 would probably have been fine too, I don’t think I will *ever* use this thing on full power. But when I vacuum now, things are by God vacuumed. It’s cool!

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