Wow, I’m well-popped. Went to the chiro this morning and sat around for 25 minutes before losing my patience and asking if Dr. Woody knew I was /there/, which resulted in me being seen within about two minutes. He had some patient in for some sort of physical therapy, and according to one of his staff, “it always takes forever,” so why didn’t somebody call me and ask if I could change my appointment time? Mutter.

However. I complained of the Owie Place in my shoulder (ulnar nerve pinch which affects my entire right arm), which has cropped back up again the last couple of weeks, and he popped the *snot* out of my upper and middle back, then did some perfunctory pops on my lower back (although it did in fact help), then sat me down and put a finger on either side of my spine in my neck and rolled my head and my neck went *pop*!

Then he popped it some more, and said that should help, and told me I didn’t have to come back until I felt like I should. Wow! I’m HEALED! For real this time! YAAAAAAY!

Noooooooooo running. Nooooooo sir. Not me. Just some nice easy-going swimming. Noooooo running.

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