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Ted and I came into Cork to go see V for Vendetta, got somewhat misplaced in looking for the movie theatre, and eventually found our way to an internet shop so I could check email and, er, post this. We’re supposed to have net access within 5 to 7 working days of sometime last week, so I think by Wednesday, but Wednesday we’re leaving for New York, so I may not get to my regular email until next Tuesday or so.

We went out and walked about Cobh yesterday, because it was a *beautiful* day. I took a bunch of pictures, but of course can’t post them until we have net at home. :) And we’ve been watching the Commonwealth Games on BBC, and I’ve got to look up the Commonwealth definitions, because we think it’s interesting that Ireland’s not participating in the games, but everybody else on the planet that has any association with “the home nations”, except the States, is. I’ve been watching lots of swimming, which makes me want to swim lots. :)

And I’ve been writing. I’m at about 39K, and if we get home early enough tonight will push through to 40, because that’ll put me halfway through the book. That’s been a pretty good week’s work, since I was at 20K on the 13th. Chugga chugga chugga.

I think I’ll go by the DMLA offices in NYC on Friday and drop off these contracts…

miles to mount DOOOOM: 450
ytd wordcount: right around 100K! Woot!


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