Well. In a few minutes, I’m going to go try for the *third* time today to make a successful batch of pralines so I can make praline ice cream this … well. In theory this evening, but it’s beginning to look more like tomorrow.

The first attempt, the recipe was no good, but despite looking *very* dubiously at the recipe, I tried it anyway, and it was an utter failure.

The second time, I used the almond toffee recipe, because, well, that’s /basically/ what pralines are. But I burned the toffee. It’s not inedible, but it’s not good enough to put into ice cream to make praline ice cream. Because I’m a snob. :) So I’m going to give it another shot. In fact, I think I may continue to make tiny batches of almond toffee until I get it right, because I never have been able to make a successful batch. This will take up a lot of butter (unless I get it right with the next batch, which is not impossible) but it will mean that come Christmas I’ll know how to do it right. :)

However, even hearing me explain about these disasters (and man, I’ve managed to splash hot sugar water on myself three times today, OW), Sarah still wants to come up here and be my roommate ’cause I make … what did she say. ‘The coolest stuff’. :)

It can’t be *that* hard to make almond toffee, darn it!

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  1. You do! You make cool stuff! I just mostly make the same stuff over and over, and it’s not as cool as the stuff you make! o.o

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