pretty good morning

Yesterday was the sleepiest day ever. I read the last Myth book, which wasn’t very good, and watched the SAG awards, which wasn’t very interesting, and helped Ted clean the kitchen some, which was satisfying because wow the kitchen looks nice now. But Ted did most of the work, so all hail Ted. And I did some laundry.

I got 1200 words written this morning and I’m about to go into the Final Conflict, which will answer questions and cause dreadful things to happen before I wrap up. All is well.

Tonight if I am a good and wise Kit, I shall go to my RWA meeting. It’s possible I’ll finish writing this book instead, but I’d like to go to the meeting, so we’ll see.

Food now.

ytd wordcount: 75,500

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  1. We’d be happy to all hail Ted, if he updated his blog, so we’d have somewhere to do so ;)

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