progress on the book front

day two books!

The good news is I hit 90K on the book I’m working on! I was aiming for 90K by Friday, hit it on Saturday, so, y’know, that’s pretty good.

The less good news is this morning I decided I needed to replace two chapters with about five paragaphs, kill somebody, and split the party. (Actually, the party is already split, but I need to split it differently. Better-ly.)

I am *currently* enjoying the delusion that I can haul the whole thing around with a big wrenching effort and not actually go back and do the cutting/rewriting until later. I don’t know why I think this; I can never do that. But this once I think maybe I can, because…because it’s what I think. So I’ll try it. And if it doesn’t work, well, then, I mean, that’s how it usually goes so oh well.

Anyway, there’s a lot to do today, none of it writing, so I’m going to…okay, I’m going to make a paragraph of notes for myself so I know what to do with the book tomorrow, and then I’m going to go do the things. All the things. Many things.

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