psychological warfare

~o Every single night, the same arrangement
I go out and fight the fight o~

I’m supposed to go to the gym tonight. The prospect fills me with doom and gloom. Not for any sensible reason, because I know I’ll feel better after going, but *whiiiiiiiine*. I don’t *waaaaant* to. And it’s really tiresome to go through this same mental process every time I think about going to the gym. I donno how to reboot it, though. It’s not quite as bad when I get into the habit, which I’m out of right now, even though I was doing well in early December.

Anyway. Just splah. It’s no fun. Blbllt.

music: Once More, With Feeling, BtVS

1 thought on “psychological warfare

  1. How to make yourself happy to go to the gym:

    Buy yourself a twenty-pound bar of chocolate when you’re done working out.


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