puff up! puff up!

Puff up! Puff up! I have just fixed all the bugs with my name on them! Wow. I’m impressed with me! This is a _good_ thing to have done, particularly since there are a bunch of major projects coming down the road and not having to worry about malingering bugs is nice! Woo me! *beam*

4 thoughts on “puff up! puff up!

  1. *LAUGH* oh, cool. you know where “puff up! puff up!” is from. *laugh*!!

  2. Batty Koda! Or something like that. :) From The Last Rain Forest… or something like that. Voiced by Robin Williams, who is like unto a god. :)

  3. right! *laugh* I insanely love the bat, too. I kind of want to watch Fern Gully again, but I remember that it’s only charming after you’ve watched it several times in a row and the bludgeoning environmental message has been dulled. :)

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