Chantico can certainly take a Very Long Time to decide Just The Right Place To Pee. In the meantime, while she was looking for Just The Right Place, I had a sneezing frenzy. My throat and ears itch now. *snivel* I *hate* allergies.

On the positive side, sneezing no longer makes my back seize up, which I still haven’t gotten used to.

Oh, gawd, I have to call the landlord. Our floor in the computer room seems to have sprung a leak. Well, something’s sprung a leak, anyway, and the floor’s sopped. Glah, I wonder where their number is.

AUGH the house is such a mess and Laura and Ben will be here Saturday night. AUGH. :P

2 thoughts on “puppies

  1. No, it’s icky. The floors need to be washed at the very least, and they’d need to be even if you weren’t coming to visit. Ick. Ick ick icky. o.o

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