pure evil

This test is pure evil. I was able to make an educated guess on 10 of them and am certain of 4. Which doesn’t mean I’m right, just certain.

(spends some time looking them up) I was actually right on 3 of the 4, and was, er, well, kind of close on the 4th. I should’ve gotten it. Ah well. Wow. What a test. o.o

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  • Evan, of all people

    Not going to give us your guesses? Well, I’ll go out on a limb and make myself the public fool with my guesses.

    2. (d) isn’t Istanbul, is it? I don’t think that’s a cathedral anymore, so I don’t think it should count.

    3. (b) Samson? (c) Tycho Brahe. (j) Nelson?

    4. (i) Don Quixote.

    8. (d) Vincent Van Gogh.

    13. (e) Chuck Berry. (j) Strawberry Fields.

    16. (g) 11:00?

    No ideas on the rest…

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