questionable business practices

So my company, or rather, the company that owns mine, which is the largest pharmaceutical company in the country, is down 16% on the stock market today and they’re being investigated for Questionable Business Practices.

We’re getting all kinds of email from all kinds of CEOs saying WE’RE NOT BAD! We’re not being bad! We’re *good*! We find it deeply offensive that anyone would *suggest* that we’ve been bad! We object to being investigated!

I’m pretty much waiting for the truth to out. “Oh gosh, you mean THOSE questionable business practices? We weren’t thinking about THOSE when we said we were being good!”

I feel vaguely as if this should go in a friends-only entry, but I don’t think GM’s got an option like that. I guess I’ll just have to assuming Big Brother isn’t watching me. :)

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