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I was invited to blog at Romance Reader At Heart , and the posting is up today. Pop by and take a quick read, if you’ve got a moment. :)

I appear to be on a kick of seeing if there’s a such thing as too many Hugh Grant movies in a compressed period of time. So far, the answer is “no”. I’ve watched Notting Hill, Two Weeks’ Notice, Sense & Sensibility (which I don’t think I even realized he was in), Bridget Jones’s Diary, Love Actually, and I’m pretty sure something else that he was in but I can’t place it right now, in the last week. Maybe only those five. I don’t think I own 4 Weddings…. *checks IMDB* Nope, only those 5. If Music & Lyrics were available on DVD, I’d watch that too, but it’s not. Perhaps I can move smoothly from watching Hugh Grant films into watching Colin Firth films, since the last two of those both had Firth, too…

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  1. Hugh Grant is in the same Sense&Sensibility as Alan Rickman, or a different one?

  2. Have you seen 9 months? It is a good comedy with Hugh Grant and a red-head, cant think of her name right now :)

    Congrats on the release of your latest book and good luck with all the rewrites!

    Talk to you later

  3. Music and Lyrics was released on Region 1 (US and Canada) today, May 8th, I bought it and will watch it soon, it was really good!

  4. Oh! I’ll have to see if it’s been released here! Thanks! I thought it was completely charming, and the opening credits had me just shouting with laughter. :)

  5. I have a hugh grant film on DVD at home which I no longer want. It’s an OLD one, the film must have been very small, and I don’t remember what it was called. But I can send/bring it to you sometime?

  6. That’d be great! We must get together! (I totally failed to email you, shame on me. Uh. Saturday afternoon? Would that work for you? Or if more time is necessary to make arrangements, maybe a week Saturday?

  7. Hey there –

    Music and lyrics came out for rental yesterday. I work at Blockbuster, LOL. Was cute. Not great (like Catch and Release) which also came out yesterday, but cute.

  8. Oh, don’t worry about emailing.. I can’t make this saturday as I’ll be in dublin and the following 3 saturdays I’ll be in NY. But if sunday afternoon would work I’ll be back from Dublin then?

  9. Sunday afternoon would be lovely. Oh, in fact, I’m going to a concert Sunday evening, so that’d be perfect. Maybe slightly later in the afternoon than earlier? Around 4pm? Or is that too late? :)

  10. I have purchases movie soundtracks for Notting Hill, Bridget Jones 1 & 2, and Love Actually, at Blockbuster or at Amazon. For actual lyrics of the songs I go to individual singer sites, musical group sites, or iTunes to search out the lyrics. I know I have seen the soundtracks of other Hugh Grant movies at Blockbuster.

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