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Don’t read this if you haven’t taken the quiz yet! :)

1. What name do I go by IRL?
Kit (3 points) 4
Catherine (2 points) 0
Cathy (0 points) 0
Catie (4 points) 26
C.E. (1 points) 0

Correct answer: Catie. 3 points were given for ‘Kit’. Some people were stymied by not knowing the acronym ‘IRL’, which I hadn’t thought of when I posted the quiz. It means ‘In Real Life’. If you did not know that, give yourself an extra point. :)

2. And who, pray tell, is my favorite X-Man?
Cyclops (1 points) 0
Rogue (4 points) 30
Wolverine (2 points) 0
Gambit (3 points) 0
Storm (0 points) 0

Can you imagine? Nobody got this wrong! *laugh*

3. What’s the title of my first published novel?
THE QUEEN’S BASTARD (1 points) 0
URBAN SHAMAN (4 points) 23
HEART OF STONE (1 points) 4

URBAN SHAMAN is the first novel I’ve had accepted for publication.

4. Where was I born?
Kotlik (3 points) 2
Kansas (0 points) 1
Kenya (1 points) 2
Kenai (4 points) 23
Cordova (2 points) 2

I was born in Kenai. Partial credit was given for managing to put me in the right state (Kotlik and Cordova), and one point of credit was given for Kenya because it amuses me, although *really*, people. What, do I look like a white African, or something?

5. Who’s my favorite poet?
Dylan Thomas (3 points) 6
Lord Byron (1 points) 8
e.e. cummings (1 points) 8
Shakespeare (1 points) 6
Alfred, Lord Tennyson (4 points) 2

This was a total ringer. The correct answer is Tennyson. Dylan Thomas is my second favorite poet. Someone pointed out that all the quotes on my website are, however, the other three, so it’s just as well I gave partial credit for those. :)

6. Who’s my favorite author?
Get real. Like I could choose one?… 15
Guy Gavriel Kay (2 points) 12
Barbara Hambly (1 points) 1
C.E. Murphy (2 points) 0
C.S. Friedman (2 points) 2

I find it amusing that *nobody* said ‘C.E. Murphy’. *laugh* Correct answer is ‘Like I could choose one?’ The three authors listed who aren’t me are the ones I buy in hardback, which to my judgement makes them all my favorite authors, and so they are all worth partial credit.

7. What is it about Peter Wingfield?
The nose. (4 points) 8
The eyes. (1 points) 0
The voice. (1 points) 0
All of the above. (3 points) 9
It’s not him, it’s Methos. (1 points) 13

The nose. Although apparently many people felt very strongly that it wasn’t him, it was Methos. Nope, it’s the nose. :)

8. What do I want to be when I grow up?
A rock star (1 points) 0
A writer (4 points) 26
A comic-book artist (3 points) 1
A Republican (0 points) 0
As sexy as Ian McKellan (2 points) 3

While ‘a writer’ is the correct answer, and ‘a comic-book artist’ is something I would dearly love to do, I’m surprised more people didn’t go for the giggle and choose the Ian McKellan answer, which also happens to be a correct answer. :)

9. What does the E. in Catherine E. Murphy stand for?
Ellen (0 points) 2
Emily (0 points) 1
Elaine (0 points) 2
Elizabeth (0 points) 7
Eileen (10 points) 18

This was the only all-or-nothing question. My middle name is Eileen. :)

10. What’s my favorite fairy tale?
Tam Lin (3 points) 12
Sleeping Beauty (2 points) 0
Beauty and the Beast (5 points) 18
Cinderella (0 points) 0
Snow White (0 points) 0

Nicely done. Most people chose the correct answer, BatB, but everyone else chose the second-most correct answer, Tam Lin. Nobody went for the fake-outs at all. :)


  1. yer mah

    I too missed Wingfield and Tennyson. And I didn’t
    know what IRL meant, but I guessed correctly
    that it meant In Real Life. So do I get an extra
    point to bring me to the same score as Ted?
    Hey, Kerry! I gave birth to her and got the same
    score you did. So -I- think you done good.

  2. Heather

    I am disappointed I didn’t do as well as, well, the first place people. I *knew* you loved “the nose” but I also thought it was the whole package! Damn.

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