rain rain rain

It’s raining. I sulk. *sulk sulk sulk*

Ted and I had a busy morning! We went shopping and bought, er. Eggs, oatmeal and some yeast. And we went several places trying to find knee and wrist guards for Ted, for he purchased a pair of rollerblades yesterday, but nobody up here carries them in XL, and Ted is a big guy. So now he’s looking online for them.

We stopped at REI, and while they had no rollerblade gear, they did have a nice salesman named Ben who told me some useful things about bicycles and gave me a bike catalog to take home and look at, so I’m pleased with Ben. :)

We wandered through Bailey’s, which is one of the furniture stores up here, but we didn’t find any living room furniture which spoke to us.

I have not done one /lick/ of writing. I did walk 2.5 miles, though. That’s something. Not something like writing, but something.

miles to Rivendell: 31


  1. Geni

    Kit’s sofa says “Chantico! Don’t even THINK about peeing on the carpet.”

    Kit’s coffee-table says “What, stupid humans didn’t let the dog out in time again?”

    Kit’s sofa says “Uh-huh. Count yourself lucky that YOU don’t have upholstery.”

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