rather disgusting puppy adventures

I have to tell you all the Rather Disgusting Puppy Adventures.

We were going to Fairbanks for the weekend of the 4th. We packed everything, including Chantico, up into the car. Stopped at Title Wave to look for some audio books. Successfully obtained books after about twenty minutes.

We drove to the opposite side of town, where Chanti decided she needed to poop. In her kennel.

We stopped at the mall. Bought cleaning supplies and a new doggy bed and cleaned up. This took 45 minutes. By the time we were done with that, we’d been trying to get out of Anchorage for 90 minutes.

We set out again.

We got to the next major road.

Chanti pooped again.

We called my parents and said, “Can we leave the puppy at your house while we go to Fairbanks?” My parents said okay.

Now, being a puppy, or perhaps being a dog, and being very unhappy about having pooped in her kennel, Chanti ate the poop. Which she had also done the first time.

Three blocks from my parents house, she vomited. Copiously.

Then _Ted_ vomited. Although not as copiously. Fortunately Ted’s version of vomiting is rather reserved, so it could have been worse. It involved some spitting out the window and then staggering into my parents’ bathroom.

There was a GREAT DEAL OF CLEANING done.

We went and bought ANOTHER doggy bed.

By this time, it was 9. We’d tried leaving at 6:30.

We set out. Again. Without the puppy.

We got three blocks away, and Ted realized he’d left his fanny pack with his driver’s license at my parents’ house.

We went back.

We got the fanny pack.

And then we went and had some goddamned ice cream and came home and went to bed in our own bed and are going to Fairbanks NOW. :)

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  1. And ’twas on the Monday morning that the gas man came to call…

  2. *many hugs*

    I had a similar experience on a 6 hour roadtrip with two kittens in pouring rain… I can utterly utterly relate!

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