really pretty annoying

Okay, so this is actually really pretty annoying.

I was supposed to have two fairly major projects at work, starting mid-May and running to the first week of July. In a fit of efficiency, I got all my bugs cleaned up and I literally have nothing hanging over my head.

And my projects got pushed back three weeks.

So I’m kind of sitting and spinning here, working on some smaller stuff, but wow, it’s really kind of annoying. Gnf.

7 thoughts on “really pretty annoying

  1. poor kit! i hate being bored at work.

    You *could* always do some re-writing on US . . . I’ve been trying really hard not to nag . . .

  2. I apparently feel guilty if I try writing during work hours.

    Actually, this is because in order to write I have to take Little (my laptop) away and not be near the main computer, and if I’m not near the main computer, I’m not available at work, so … it doesn’t work. :/

  3. I suppose I can accept that . . . so, is your guitar session over? How’d it go? Mine finished about two weeks ago, but Maria gave me stuff to do over the summer until the next session started, and suggested a really good book for basic exercises. We should get together & practice sometime . . . I’m having problems with fat fingers.

  4. Just be careful what you wish for when it comes to wishing for work to do…. :)

    btw, according to my calendar there is a kit-birthday coming up, no?

    Happy Early Bday!!!!!

  5. Gave up on the guitar class. Decided I wasn’t a good fit for that group (all those elementary school teachers). So I’m no good for practicing with, bah.

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