rebellion in the ranks

My brain appears to be being rebellious, and I’m not sure why. Two of the items on my to-do list, the map and the Chance page, are really very easy. A couple hours’ work at most, and probably not even that. For some reason my brain keeps going NOOO DON’ WANNA. No clue why, unless it’s a bad case of finishitis. If I finish the map, TQB’s Done (except that new scene I need to write). God knows why this would be alarming, but perhaps it is. Similarly with the Chance page, which means that issue’s Done and that I really do need to write the fifth one. That makes slightly more sense as an avoidance thing, but jeez. Dumb-ass brain.

I did finish up the proposal for THE PRETENDER’S CROWN, so that’s something, and then I went and had coffee with and , which was entirely lovely. Now I’m making dinner and avoiding doing a couple drawings. Dumb-ass brain.

Arright. Having categorically stated that yes, I admit my brain is sabotaging me (huh, sabotage doesn’t have a u in it. I always thought it did, although I could also always never figure out if it went before or after the second a, since neither looked right) and that I admire its efforts, I will now overrule it and go do my drawings whether my brain wants to or not. And tomorrow I’ll write that scene and put up shelves, and I’ll do the Chance issue on the train over the weekend.

6 thoughts on “rebellion in the ranks

  1. As I learned from the cinematic classic Star Trek VI, Sabotage comes from the luddite movement, when workers would through their wooden shoes, aka Sabots, into the cogs of the machines, thus, Sabot-age. So, it doesn’t even get the Brit U treatment.

  2. Peculiarly enough, it is *precisely that scene* which for some reason makes me believe the word has a U in it. It’s something about how she pronounces it, or something. :)

  3. Star Trek VI: “The workers threw their wooden shoes, called “sabots,” into the works to stop them. Hence the word sabotage.

    I never remembered it until I saw that movie. :)

  4. It’s the way she says ‘sab-eau-tage’ which makes it sound like there simply MUST be a ‘u’ in there somewhere…

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