So, uh, whatcha think? :)

5 thoughts on “redesign

  1. The symbols confuse me – I expected them to -go- somewhere. But after running my mouse over them a few more times than necessary I see they are decoration. Mrr. I really like the teal.

  2. Oops, I typed the wrong adress, where did I put the bookmarks for mizk…waitaminute, that figure on top is familiar. This is the right site!

    I like the new layout and colors! Now update the blogger page, too, and I can stop feeling these odd vampiric tendencies when I comment on your pages ;)

  3. It’s much more readable, to me anyway. It does seem kind of strange to have obviously separate glyphs in a column that aren’t links, but that’s probably the fault of all those other web designers.

  4. Wow. I really like this. I know you were looking for a Gemini symbol yesterday. I think what you’ve done is interesting, though it takes a while to puzzle out what that is. I like the color, though. Very intense. Woot!

  5. It’s nifty! I first saw this last night when making a last run through pages, and was surprised enough that I made a comment on _my_ page, because you didn’t have an entry like this one up yet. ^_^

    The teal is great, and I like the kinda fuzzy sassy lady; but I was very confused at first, since the sidebar images are exactly the length of my browser, so when I paged down, it looked like they just stayed static and I didn’t _think_ you were a frames-user now.

    And I really like the font for “” at the top, too.

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