Ooh, the people next door are repainting. I just opened the blinds and can see into the house across from ours’ sliding doors, and the room is all empty except a ladder and a guy with a paint roller.

My dog just abandoned her peanutbutter ball in hopes of getting a slice of orange from me. What a weird dog.

13 days. 13 days, and the light will start to come back.

4 thoughts on “repainting!

  1. My cat likes the water drained off canned corn! And she likes Grape Nuts, too. I’d say something about my dog liking weird things, but I don’t have a dog. ;)

  2. My weird cats like *lettuce,* of all things. They won’t eat a piece of turkey dropped on the floor, but drop a bit of salad and there WILL be a fight.

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