Not that I’m actually close to finishing my walk to Rivendell (268 miles, determined to get the next 190 done by Dec. 17th!), but I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on where to walk to *after* Rivendell. :) There’s always Mordor, but what with RotK being the last installment, I thought maybe if there were other maps/distances available for other fantasy settings that it might be fun to walk in another world.



  1. Walk to the North Pole by Christmas. :)
    Walk to Narnia, without benefit of the Wardrobe.
    Walk across Dune.
    Walk the King’s Progress in the Kate Elliott ‘Child of Flame’ books.
    Walk the whole stupid route described in Terry Goodkind’s Wizard’s Rule books.
    Walk the Paths of the Dead from Brust’s books.

  2. mary anne

    Well, it depends on if she starts from her house or from her in-laws house…..From her house it is not that far different from walking to Rivendell….

    Here’s another path to walk….the Pattern in Zelazny’s Amber books…..

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