As if I’m not doing enough sudden exercise what with biking daily and gymming 3 times a week (ok, I’ve only gone twice so far, but I REALLY want that Rogue bust), I’m going to start a *shudder* running regime.

I’m doing this for several reasons, primary among them being that I’m barking mad. But: see, I have this irrational desire to do triathalons. Or at least _a_ triathalon. I love biking and swimming and competing, which is 3/4ths of the necessary goods to do a triathalon. I *hate* running. I’m very bad at it. I think it’s painful and nausea-inducing. But I can’t find any biathalons that are made up of biking and swimming, so if I ever want to do this, I need to learn how to run. Also, it’s good for you. Or that’s what they tell me, anyway.

There’s also this Diabetes Association fundraiser marathon I got a thing about in the mail the other day. I cannot imagine why I would *actually* want to run a marathon, or even half a marathon, except to have accomplished it (which is why people do a lot of things), but it seems to be something I’m holding in my mind as a thing I might want to do. There’re some informational meetings about (not that particular race, but another one in Rome they do) it in September. In theory, if I follow this here learn-to-run regime, I might have a decent idea by September 8 (the first meeting) whether I think I might be able to build up the stamina to do a 13 mile run.

Well, hell, actually, even in the condition I’m *in* I’m pretty sure I could *walk* 13 miles in 7.5 hours, y’know? Anyway, it’s this very insane idea, and it may turn out I hate running too much to even think about it, or to think about triathalons, but if I start now I have all winter to train, and that’d be … well. Good. I mean, if I’m gonna win triathalons I’m clearly going to need to learn to run well enough that when I take a huge lead in the swimming/biking parts, I won’t lose it entirely in the running part. :)

So tomorrow I’m going to go for a, er, 15 minute walk. That’s the first day! It’s not my fault! And if I start tomorrow instead of today, I can have Fridays off, which seems good.

Anyway. So that’s the plan.

Tell you what, though, with all this exercise, I better wake up one of these days and find it’s become an Ideal World and that I weigh 145 pounds. O.O

4 thoughts on “running

  1. We are going to wake up and be sleek and svelte and everyone will envy us our flashy new chassis. Really. Just watch.

  2. I’m on the second week of the running program. It hasn’t been too bad so far but I haven’t been running fast. Just sort of jogging. I set mine up so I get Saturdays off. :)

  3. Mine’s set up so I get Monday off. I’m a big non-weekend freak, I guess. :)

    I’m just jogging too. The second day of running was a little more stressful, but I made it. We’ll see how the third day goes.

  4. Well, I have gaming on Friday nights, so I figured if I gym in the morning then I’ve gotten some exercise for the day and this way I don’t have to worry about running or biking or whatever. :)

    And, er, yeah, I wasn’t exactly planning on doing a flat-out dead run. Jogging. Jogging is nice. (Well, no, it sucks, but nevermind that.)

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