Saturday, Part II

So *after* I got home from walking yesterday… well, for a while I sat around and stared vacantly, because I was so out of it, and then … er. What /did/ we do? We watched While You Were Sleeping, which still makes me laugh out loud even though I’ve seen it a billion times, and we had dinner at Bear Tooth, I think, and while we were watching the movie it began POURING rain, and so after the movie was over I had to put the dogs out so they could go to the bathroom before bed, and Annie, who is old and smart, didn’t /want/ to go out into the rain, but I made her anyway, and Chanti, who is young and dumb, REALLY wanted to go out into the rain — and then she stood as close to the door as the chain would let her, with her ears all flopped down and the most utterly miserable expression possible on her face. Ted and I laughed so hard we couldn’t stand up. :)

Oh yes. I’ve remembered what it was I was /supposed/ to write about. I knew I would, if I typed long enough. :)

Emily called, fresh from the Common Rotation/They Might Be Giants concert, to make a report. I, in turn, am reporting to you, my avid readers.

She arrived at the theatre a little early, and wandered around a bit, and then someone came out and began putting out Common Rotation merchandise, so she went over and said to him, “Are you Matt?” and he said, “No, I’m Justin, but I’m part of the family!” (Matt, the manager, is Adam, one of the lead singer’s, brother; evidently Justin also fits into the mix somehow.) Emily said, “I’m Emily!” and then left him alone.

Justin went back to report that Emily from Alaska was there, and apparently the band could talk of nothing else before the concert. They were very, VERY excited to have a fan from Alaska!

The concert, Emily said, was great. They were the opening act for TMBG, and nobody knew who they were except her and one other guy who’d made his very own Common Rotation t-shirt, but she said that she could /see/ the audience falling in love with them, and during the break between CR and TMBG, they sold out of their 2nd CD (Big Fear) and sold so much stuff in general that Justin, who was supposed to be keeping a tally, couldn’t. So Emily was extremely delighted for them. :)

She had an invitation from Matt to come backstage and meet the band (because she’s from ALASKA!) and so she did, and found Matt, and said, once again, “Are you Matt?” and he allowed as how he was, and she said, “I’m Emily!” and he got very excited, and grabbed Eric, who is 1. the other lead singer and 2. writes most of their songs, who was VERY excited and who swept his arms open to give her a hug and then looked alarmed and blurted, “Can I hug you?”

Well, duh. :) And then he apparently immediately wanted to know where in Alaska they could come play, and was very excited and intent about it, and she got to meet the rest of the band, and they all basically said as long as they had a place to sleep, they’d come play in Alaska. I was like, “We have a living room…” :)

So my mission, should I choose to accept it, is apparently to go hook CR up with Koots and Bear Tooth and the Fly By Night Club so they can come up and spend a week or something performing. I’m thinkin’ we should try to get Urban Family Dog up here with them and call it a Californian Invasion. I’d go for Ghost in the Machine, too, but I haven’t actually /heard/ them, so I donno how good they are. :)

But anyway, so Emily had a hell of a good time, and will be seeing them in concert again on June 1, or something like that. :)

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