school & walking

Spanish class last night wasn’t wildly inspiring. The prof seems nervous about talking in front of twenty-five people, so it was a little slow. He’ll probably relax a little as the semester goes on. I have homework. I have to learn the names and capitals of the 21 (officially) Spanish-speaking countries in the world, and also find out what Balboa discovered. :)

Chanti and I went on a walk last night. 3 miles is a lot more fun to walk with Jai and Chanti than just with Chanti by herself. :) Somewhat amusingly, however, Chanti was VERY well behaved, making me suspect that she’s extra-excited by Jai being there, a theory I’ll test tonight when we walk. Assuming we walk. It’s dumping rain. There will be no Mars-viewing for Alaskans. :(

miles to Rivendell: 175.75 (watch out, Heather!)

3 thoughts on “school & walking

  1. There was no Mars viewing for Connecticutians either. Hot, humid, and hazy. Again. I’m hoping that it will clear up by tonight, when viewing is still supposed to be good, but I’m not holding my breath…makes one look funny, you know.

  2. I saw Mars last night and I’m in Connecticut. But I think the rain clouds cleared up for a bit around 10PM and came back.

  3. Ah! I went out at 9 and peeked out again at 11ish, and both times there was a nice, thick blanket of clouds obscuring the sky. Might also be a function of the area of CT, since our weather in Mystic tends to be very different from weather experienced by friends of ours in, say, Oxford.

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