All seven of our seedlings have sprouted! We’ll have an ORCHARD! In about fifteen years. Assuming I don’t kill any of ’em. :)


I’d just decided that last one wasn’t gonna come up and that I’d probably have to toss it at the new year. But then it popped up. I think those seeds are psychic. :) Anyway, pretty nifty, although I’m going to have to find a deeper box for them, because the tallest ones are brushing the plastic wrap now. I thought it would take MUCH LONGER for them to get tall!

Things are proceeding apace for Christmas, here. I have…quite a few…of the presents wrapped. A friend was being impressed by that, but I explained that my child seems likely to be up at 2am on Christmas, and this is merely self-preservation. :) (Actually, the poor kid seems to be unwinding a little bit, without school to egg him on. He’s still exhausted, but not *quite* as bad as, say, Sunday, when he was prepared to cancel Christmas. :))

Speaking of such things, though, we need to go forth into the morning and look for boxes to put things in for wrapping, and a couple more gifts for fambly members. And we need to do that before it gets Any Crazier Out There than it already is (for the record, at 9am in Dublin, usually? NOOOOOOOBODY. Most of the shops aren’t even open (which makes me crazy), and you have the whole place to yourself. Not so much, right now. :)).

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