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The winners for the Walker Papers Favourite Moment contest are as follows:

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Melissa Presti
Kat Bonson
Sam Dailey

On Twitter:

On mizkit.com:
Kaat Van der Jonckheyd
Julie Fore
Sam Berthiaume

On LJ:

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Rochelle Herrick

On Goodreads:

I tried to pick all-different moments, and I have to say, guys, this was the best contest I’ve ever run. You all remminded me of moments I loved in the books, and many of you chose moments I’d totally forgotten or never expected to be highlighted as favourites. Thank you all so much for participating. This was a good way to wrap up the series, for me.

Winners, please email your mailing address to cemurphyauthor at gmail dot com with the subject line SHAMAN Winner!

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