The winners for the Walker Papers Favourite Moment contest are as follows: On Facebook: Melissa Presti Kat Bonson Sam Dailey On Twitter: @Antiqueight @amelia_book @coyotedreams On Kaat Van der Jonckheyd Julie Fore Sam Berthiaume On LJ: idancewithlife ikontinct On G+ Rochelle Herrick On Goodreads: Nikki I tried to pick all-different moments, and I have to say, guys, this was the best contest I’ve ever run. You all remminded me of moments I loved in the books, and many of you chose moments I’d totally forgotten or never expected to…

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Tell me your favourite Walker Papers moment for a chance to win a copy of SHAMAN RISES! Bonus points for using 25 words or less, since that’s what the poor bastards on Twitter are limited to. There will, obviously, be spoilers in the comments. :)

still adapting

I can’t quite get used to clicking the ‘home’ button on my browser and having actually come back up again. It makes me happy every time, which is good, because for the first month it was down I couldn’t look at the ad farm without spasming with rage. I amused myself this afternoon while getting the MOUNTAIN ECHOES give-aways packed up. Hopefully I will have also amused the recipients, when it comes to that. :) Slightly longer than intended “Mansfield Park” picoreview behind the cut, for mild spoilers.

1 jillion things to do

I am considering dying my hair. I know, I know, the excitement! The trouble is to do it properly today would take two go-rounds, and I don’t know if I feel like being that thorough. :) Things that must get done today: – email the writers’ centre – rattle with impatience for Amazon & BN to get ORIGINS online – notify BYD ARC winners that they won: The winners of the BABA YAGA’S DAUGHTER ARC give-away are as follows: Mylia Scribe-Jones Elise Julene Tuck B. Ross /Mela_Lyn If all of…

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I have just gotten four* advanced reader’s copies for BABA YAGA’S DAUGHTER to give away. They’re softcover, uncorrected proofs, and actually if the book itself looked like this I would be quite delighted, but it’s going to be even more gorgeous and splendid, so don’t forget to pre-order your copy. :) But at $40, it’s also going to be expensive. So here’s how this give-away is going to go: Everybody reading this post, at whatever site you’re coming from (Facebook, Goodreads, Livejournal,,, G+, Twitter) can put in their…

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