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    writing retreat

    Just hit 50K on MOUNTAIN ECHOES, the 8th Walker Papers novel. I’m now heading out for a long weekend writing retreat. Post your guess as to my total wordcount by Monday evening, and I’ll send a book to the closest guess!

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    mizkit.com/mizkit@lj Raven Calls winners!

    The mizkit.com winners of the RAVEN CALLS giveway are Anne Pascale Quinty, Poppy, and Larisa LaBent!

    The mizkit.livejournal.com winners of the RAVEN CALLS giveaway are jasondrake, tattermuffin, and for_rainy_days!

    All of you please email me at cemurphyauthor AT gmail DOT com with your snail mail addresses, your LJ names if that’s what you’ve won under so I know who you are, and whatever name I should sign the books to. :)

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    one last chance!

    There’s one last chance to win an early copy of WALKING DEAD over at Book Love Affair! Go forth, participate!

    I have written the beginning and the end of “Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight” to my satisfaction. Unfortunately, that leaves some five or ten thousand words in the middle that haven’t been done…

    Argh. I keep thinking of things to post, but by the time I come sit down to write them up I’ve forgotten already. Or they’re things I want to talk about but can’t yet. Grr.

    miles to Minas Tirith: 526.3
    ytd wordcount: 197,200

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    link salad, maybe

    The Book Love Affair blog is running an Urban Fantasy Awards contest & give-away, and has included the Walker Papers in her line-up. The way to participate is by leaving comments, and I’ve just offered to send an early copy of WALKING DEAD to one of the winners there, so if you want another chance at it, go participate! Also, well, I’d really kind of like to see a good showing in one of these things, because my books more or less never get nominated for any of these sorts of things (I find it amusing, ironic, and appropriate that she has URBAN SHAMAN down as an example for the “most overlooked” category, see), so, well. *makes eyes for people go to participate*

    This NatGeo photograph is one of the most amazing pictures I’ve ever seen.

    Okay, that wasn’t as link salady as I thought it might be. That’s okay.

    Off to finish revisions now. I hope.

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    Contest winners!

    My goodness, what a lot of people threw their names into the hat for an early copy of WALKING DEAD.

    The winners are Jhada Addams from Facebook, starfallz/ from LJ, and The Other Lisa from mizkit.com!

    If the three of you will please email me your snailmail addresses with WALKING DEAD WINNER ADDRESS as the subject line, I will get those books out to you this week. My email address is cemurphyauthor@gmail.com.

    Thanks for participating, everybody. That was fun. :)

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