Walker Papers



Tell me your favourite Walker Papers moment for a chance to win a copy of SHAMAN RISES!

Bonus points for using 25 words or less, since that’s what the poor bastards on Twitter are limited to. There will, obviously, be spoilers in the comments. :)


  • Elena Barrick

    My favorite is when you conceived the idea to write such a fantastic series! I can’t wait to read how it all ends. :)

  • Paula Diamond-Bier

    In Raven Calls, Joanne calls Morrison when she’s misplaced Gary while time traveling, and Morrison grounds her by using her full name and telling her he loves her.

  • Michael

    personally, my favorite moments were when Jo had to confront her younger self. just priceless

  • Krista

    When Joanne & Michael finally let their feelings be known and then you send her to Ireland. I am romantic.

  • Gail Sierra

    I can’t choose just one. Love the references to some of my favorite TV shows. Makes me feel connected to Jo.

  • Gail Sierra

    Bonus comment (not for contest): I absolutely love this series! Your characters are so real and just leap off the page. Well done! Here’s to many more successful books! Thank you.

  • Eleri

    When Joanne quits, and Morrison says “Well thank goddamned God!” Cracks me up every time.

  • April Koenig

    That moment when Jo slept peacefully until she woke up, rested, in the arms of that man who loves her… Oh, wait…

  • Sam Berthiaume

    The moment Jo stops Morrison from hanging up and tells him that she loves him. That whole phone call, really.

  • Holly Walsh

    I loved Mountain Echoes and all the wrap up/healing of Jo’s relationships with Lucas, Aiden, and her father. I thought it was deftly and emotionally handled, with some grace and still true to Jo’s stoic character. The moment where she climbs the tree and finds the box is so lovely.

  • SueS

    At the end of “Petite” (which is actually the scene at the end of Spirit Dances but from Morrison’s POV) where he is sitting in the Mustang in his driveway after Joanne has run off for Ireland. His thoughts are that he and the car are two things that love her and that she’ll come back to them. You can tell that he’s loved her for quite a while. What a guy!

  • Marsha Simmons

    Loved it when Gary called to say Anna was alive. I totally DID NOT see that coming. A brilliant surprise!

  • amanda

    I love the flashbacks to how Morrison and Joanne met, him not knowing her car make and getting scoffed at… so grade adorably grade school-ish :)

  • Julie Fore

    When Jo tells the tribe how to inoculate themselves against small pox. she knows how because she loves reading disaster survival manuals. (or something to that effect)

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